Cassidy Taylor-Memmory


The Glam Green Girl is a blog written by Cassidy Taylor-Memmory and was started in 2011. The Glam Green Girl focuses on cruelty free beauty products and is growing in the travel section. It also includes lifestyle features as well as tips on living a greener life. It's about Cassidy's own personal journey of trying to do something good for our environment.





South Africa


Beauty Travel Lifestyle


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South Africa 83.04%
Zambia 10.28%
United States 1.44%
United Kingdom 0.89%
India 0.3%
Australia 0.23%
New Zealand 0.21%
China 0.16%
Canada 0.16%

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The Glam Green Girl is currently the ambassador for the Platbos Forest in South Africa, NcNab's Natural Enery, Earth Life Media and was named as the Green Model of the Year by The Green Living Guy in 2015. 

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