The Rules and Regulations of Sponsored Content

As an influencer creating branded content it is essential that you understand how best to disclose sponsored content and working with brands. There are certain rules and regulations for different platforms and you must adhere to them when posting paid for content or producing content in exchange for product.

This eBook will help you understand the rules and regulations for each of your social platforms.

The rules may vary from country to country, but it is the responsibility of the brand and influencer to be aware of industry best practice and to ensure both brand and influencer operate within the law.

In this eBook the following content will be covered:

Best Practice Examples

Sponsored Posts on Instagram

Sponsored Posts on YouTube

Sponsored Blog Posts

Sponsored Facebook Posts

Sponsored Twitter Posts

Helpful Tools

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DISCLAIMER: All content in this eBook was accurate as of publication date 12/08/2016. The rules and regulations around sponsored content change regularly. As such please refer to the Helpful Tools section of the eBook. Included there are links directly to the rules and regulations for various social platforms as well as legal documentation that may be updated from time to time.

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