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Get influencers to pitch on your campaigns

Webfluential has thousands of influencers who have opted in to the platform and are ready to work with you. Once you load your brief, Webfluential will notify the most relevant influencers to pitch on your brand's campaign.

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Search through our base of signed up influencers

Webfluential looks at the dimensions of content that matter most to your audience and helps recommend the most influential personalities that should drive the conversation about your brand.

Try out a personality match between your brand and an influencer using IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, to analyse and compare the tone and personality of two Twitter profiles

Matched by Webfluential

Access influencers analytics and engagement stats

Webfluential provides deep and comprehensive data on influencer's audiences and performance. All data is authenticated by the influencers directly from their social channels. Those channels include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Blogs via Google Analytics.

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Manage your progress

Webfluential reports show you how your message was received, which influencers resonate best with an audience, and how well you’ve done relative to the market average for a campaign.

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From micro enterprises to Fortune 500 companies, brands from over 130 countries have booked influencers on Webfluential.

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