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What we do is an online platform helping brands across the globe find relevant social influencers,
seed their content, and report on the value of their Influencer Marketing campaigns.

United Kingdom jobs

Media sales

We’re looking for an up and coming sales representative with experience promoting as‐tech platforms to media and advertising agencies. Is that you?

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Account manager

We’re looking to extend this in our continued quest for Influencer Marketing domination. And that’s why we’re looking for the best people to help us achieve that.

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South African jobs

Campaign manager

This purpose of this role is to execute all Webfluential campaigns from inception to completion. Getting all the assets, writing the brief, chasing for all the collateral.

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Sales manager

Work with the sales team to service brands and their agencies, as well as proactively researching the market and running outreach campaigns to acquire new leads.

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Talent scout

You will need to be on top of all the key messages surrounding our business, as well as have an eye for talent who’ll help in taking us to the next level.

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Brand manager / Director

As our business grows, we need our brand manager to make sure the Webfluential brand stays consistent and true to itself.

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Creative writer

As our Creative Writer you’ll need to be on top of all the key messages surrounding our business and make sure that our brand tone stays consistent.

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Marketing co-ordinator

We’re looking for a strong marketing co-ordinator to manage traffic between the marketing teams, partnerships with media, PR agencies and integrations with other departments.

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