Dirty Pink City is a popular online #lifestyleblog that focuses on the city life of young people. The blog covers everything from #music festivals and #fashion events, to #sport days and launches. Through the years, the blog has grown exponentially and are currently one of the top blogs in South Africa. Based in #CapeTown, bringing you fun from all over the word.



Cape Town


South Africa


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South Africa 94.55%
Namibia 1.3%
United States 0.63%
United Kingdom 0.48%
South Korea 0.19%
India 0.19%
China 0.19%
Australia 0.19%
United Arab Emirates 0.19%

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My Highlights

  • Paid advertising for large SA entertainment brands
  • Media coverage for international artists touring SA
  • Media coverage of all SA festivals
  • Invited to cover large lifestyle events: Pink Polo at Val de Vie, SA Lingerie Show, Cosmo Jeans Events
  • Photo shoot done by DPC for well-known clothing brand

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Cape Town recently enjoyed a taste of Corona’s global SunSets Music Festival with the launch of its intimate, invite-only local event...

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Cintron Pink Polo

The annual Cintron Pink Polo at Val de Vie Estate outside Paarl looked like a pink wonderland last week, as Cape Town came dressed in...

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Waterfront Charters

5 Reasons Why Waterfront Charter’s Cruise & Dine Experience is Perfect to Kick Off Summer!

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