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I’m an influencer but haven’t yet signed up

If you have a blog or just a busy social media package, Webfluential is for you! Running a blog and sharing your interests via your various social media platforms can prove to be time consuming but rewarding. Once your blog or social profiles has gained traction then a host of opportunities pop up – particularly advertising opportunities.

One of the ways you may be asked to advertise something is when a brand’s agency sends you a product to review in hope of you sharing your experience on your social media platform by tweeting, Instagramming or blogging about it. The same agencies will then request about advertising on your blog. This can end up being time consuming, confusing and challenging.

Webfluential was created to make life easier for bloggers by managing your advertising and marketing for you. Webfluential.com is the online platform that helps brands across the globe find relevant social influencers, seed their content, and report on the value of their Influencer Marketing campaigns.

Webfluential allows you to continue blogging and sharing content on your social media platforms while handling the administration. Once you have signed up and completed your profile, marketers using Webfluential to search for influencers will be able to view your profile and shortlist you. If you get selected for any campaigns, you will receive a job offer that you can accept or decline at your own discretion. As an Influencer, you set the rate you wish to be paid and Webfluential will manage the payment from the Marketer.

For more information, check out our influencer page.
First you need to register: https://webfluential.com/users/register and fill in your details.

Webfluential then needs to approve you, this can take up to 24 hours. Approval is based on your Twitter account, which should have 1000+ followers.

Once you have been approved you simply need to create your profile by connecting your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and blog and setting the price for each. Once you have completed your profile, marketers will be able to find your profile via searches performed on the platform.

If you have a small following on Twitter, or no Twitter account, but cater to bigger audiences on your blog, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube platforms you can apply by sending us links to your other social media accounts.

Email [email protected]
No, Webfluential is a global platform intended for Influencers all over the world.
Sign up is free and there is no monthly cost.
This is specific to the area you are specialising in. This should be what your blog is about.

For example, as a beauty and fashion blogger, appropriate keywords would be: beauty, makeup, summer fashion, fashion trends.

There are some preloaded keywords in the system but if your specific following has not been added, type the tag and then a comma, to create a new tag.
Webfluential will give you a suggested price for each of your social media profiles. Each price is based on the number of followers you have on that social media account. Therefore if you have more followers on Twitter than Facebook, Webfluential will suggest you charge more for Tweets.

The suggested price is just a guideline based on market standards. However, you may decide on your own price.

I’m an influencer and I already have an account

Your personal Facebook page will need to be authenticated before you can select the Facebook fan page that you manage with your personal account.

When connecting your Facebook fan page to your Webfluential profile, it is a two step process: First approving the personal Facebook account that has administrative access to your Facebook fan page, then selecting the relevant Facebook fan page.
When adding your blog, you need to make sure that your URL is correct.

This can be done by copying your blog address directly from your address bar from your internet browser.

Make sure your URL includes the http:// or https:// at the beginning of the URL.
If your Google Analytics account is new it will take approximately 24 hours before Google Analytics gathers stats around the traffic on your profile.

Webfluential only starts gathering and displaying data from Google Analytics in your Webfluential account once you receive more than 50 Unique Visitors to your website/blog a month.
Once your Webfluential profile is completed it will start appearing in searches performed by marketers who are planning Influencer Marketing campaigns. If you have been selected for a campaign you will receive a job offer which you can accept or decline at your own discretion. If you haven’t received a job offer then you can try the following:

  1. Check your profile is complete

  2. Check your profiles and tags – are you attracting the right markets?

  3. Check you blog and other social media accounts – are you posting/sharing/talking about things in the right tone that will attract marketers? Big brands are less likely to use you if your blog has inappropriate words, pictures, spelling and statements that attract negative attention.

  4. By having a Webfluential profile you are making your profile available to markers performing searches. If you have not completed your profile marketers will not be able to discover your profile.

For more information on why you might not be getting jobs via Webfluential, please read this blog post.
Once you are logged onto your Webfluential account, click on “My Profile” which will be found in the left hand navigation menu bar. From there you will need to click on the profile where you would like to change the price.

Once you have selected the profile you will be able to click the “Manage” button under each of your connected social profiles and your blog. If you haven’t set up pricing, you will see that it is highlighted in red, click on pricing and set your price.

Webfluential provides Influencers with a suggested price which Influencers can use as a guideline. Once you have decided on a price click save changes. The same steps will need to be followed for the rest of your social media accounts linked to your Webfluential profile.
As an influencer you may charge what you feel is suitable. However, Webfluential puts a recommended price based on market related prices and what other influencers with similar influence is charging.
Once you are logged onto your Webfluential account, click on “My Profile” which will be found in the left hand navigation menu bar.

Go to the top right hand side of the page and click on the button where your name appears. Click on “My Profile”, scroll down and click on the heading "Your Banking Details". Add them in here.

Webfluential also gives you the option to add your PayPal address if you would prefer to be paid through PayPal.
Webfluential pays Influencers 30 days after the completion of a campaign, this means that all the influencers that were part of the campaign have completed their jobs.
Webfluential allows you to have multiple profiles under one Webfluential account, if you have more than one blog. Each profile can be linked to a specific blog and one Twitter, one Facebook, one YouTube and one Instagram account can be connected to each profile.
No, Webfluential does not post content on behalf of influencers.
  1. Check that your profile is complete. Marketers can only see influencers whose profiles are complete. The most common cause of this is not having prices set.

    All profiles need to have pricing set on them. You can do this by logging onto your Webfluential account, click on "My Profile" which will be found at the top left hand side of the page.

    From here you will need to click on the yellow button "Manage Blog". If you note pricing highlighted in red, click on it and change the pricing to suit you. Webfluential provides influencers with a suggested price which you may use as a guideline, please note this is just a guideline and that you are free to choose your own price.

    Once you have decided on a price, click on "Save Changes". Please note the same steps will need to be followed to set the pricing for your other social media accounts, however instead of clicking on "Manage Blog" you will need to click on "Manage Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram"

  2. Add a profile picture and customise your profile to make it personal and stand out. There are a lot of influencers on the Webfluential platform, you want to try and stand out.

  3. Finally check your own content on your blogs, Facebook and social media accounts. Look for language and spelling mistakes, inappropriate pictures and content. Perhaps you need to increase your blog posts per week or number of Tweets and followers.
For more information please read: Why you might not be getting job offers on Webfluential
Although the exchange rate goes up and down, the job rate Webfluential offers stays the same. This means whatever the exchange rate was on the date you accepted the job, this is the rate you will be paid. It won’t change.
Webfluential doesn’t limit you. You can register on as many platforms as you wish. We do ask, however, that if you are introduced to a marketer through our platform, that you honour the introduction, and run all campaigns with this marketer through Webfluential.
Marketers are charged in US dollars for campaigns or the equivalent in local currency. As an influencer, your job rate is also in US dollars, and/or the equivalent in your local currency. The reason we offer the rate for each job in US dollars and local currency is to comply with the law. Certain countries require that you receive payment for the services you have supplied in your local currency. This is paid into your local bank account.
When you create a Webfluential account you can have multiple profiles under one account. An influencer could have multiple accounts for various reasons (multiple blogs, for instance). When you accept the terms and conditions, you accept them for each individual profile, not for your whole account.
Marketers pay before the campaign starts and influencers are paid when their duties of creating and posting content are completed to the satisfaction of the marketer. If influencers agree to post according to a schedule and then don’t deliver, they can be penalised a portion of their fee.
Influencers who take on work from competing brands at the same time will lose credibility and their ability to monetise their audience. Webfluential can’t control the jobs that marketers offer to influencers, so to prevent marketers losing faith in the platform, we suggest to influencers that they don't work with competing brands at the same time.

*PLEASE NOTE: A chat function will be introduced as part of the new technology that’s being released, so if you are ever unsure of this or there are special circumstances, you can negotiate this directly with the marketer offering you the job. We’re adding the ‘competing term clause’ to set a standard of what we feel is right, but we understand that sometimes there may be special circumstances.
Influencers and marketers are given the space to freely communicate with each other to discuss work material and posting of content. We suggest following the basic etiquette of a contractor/service provider relationship, the usual courtesy of a chatroom, and the respect of a working relationship.
1). Make sure your tags are set up and align with your social pages. To check you have linked your tag, click on ‘My Profile’ on the left-hand side of the page, scroll down to ‘Profile Demographics’. You should have a maximum of 3 ‘Channel Focus’ Categories, which should relate to the tags under each category. Click on ‘Edit’ to add your tags. Your tags should look something like this and should always align with your channel focus.

For more information on your influencer tags and a step-by-step guide, click here.

2). Setup/update your Media Kit Your Media Kit is a great way to showcase your influence and show brands what kind of content you are capable of producing. Click here to see the step-by-step guide to setting up your Media Kit.

3). Make sure your booking form is linked. To check that your booking form is linked click on ‘My Media Kit’ on the left-hand side of the page.Then make sure you have a green tick next to ‘Booked By Webfluential’ on your Media Kit.
To see the various ways you can make money through Webfluential, click on the ‘Make Money’ tab on the left-hand side of the page, then click on ‘My Bookings’ to see where marketers have booked you for jobs or shown an interest in working with you. Once they have booked you through your Media Kit, you will receive a job offer.

My Media Kit: Share your Media Kit to show brands what content you’re capable of producing and why they should work with you. Find out more here.

Market yourself: Let brands know that you are a Webfluential-accredited influencer by downloading and displaying a Webfluential-accredited banner on your blog.

Invite and earn: : With this feature, influencers can earn up to $50 for every influencer they refer to the platform using their unique URL. For more information on ‘invite and earn’, click here.
Please note that you will only be able to link a Facebook fan page to your Webfluential profile and not a personal page.

If you have a fan page make sure you have administrative rights to the page. To check this:

1). Log onto the Facebook page with administrative access to the fan page.

2). Once on the homepage of your personal Facebook page click on ‘Pages’ which will be on the left-hand side of the page.

3). Click on the fan page you wish to link. Now click on ‘Settings’ which will appear on the top right-hand side of the page.

4). Click on ‘Page Roles’ and make sure your name appears under administrators and not editors.

If you are still experiencing problems, email [email protected]
You will first need to remove the Twitter account you no longer want linked. To do so:

Click ‘My Profile’

Click ‘Manage Twitter’

Click ‘Edit Account’.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Remove Account’

Click on ‘My Profile’

Now ‘Add Twitter’ and you will be able to link the correct Twitter account.
If your stats aren’t pulling through please try re-authorise your Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook page. To do so:

Click on ‘My Profile’

Click on ‘Manage Twitter’

Click on ‘Edit Account’. Now scroll down and click on ‘re-auth your account’

If you are still experiencing problems email : [email protected]
Simply click on ‘My Bookings’ on the left-hand side of the page, then click ‘Manage’ next to the job. From here click on the green ‘View Brief’ button on the top right-hand side of the page.
You won’t be able to see who shortlisted you for a job until they book you for the job.
To see what brand is considering booking you, click on the ‘My Bookings’ tab on the left-hand side of the page.

I'm a marketer

Webfluential has been developed as a platform which acts as a ‘one-stop-influencer-shop’. The Webfluential technology provides the convenience of being able to search for relevant influencers, shortlist potential candidates, brief participants on requirements, track workflow, monitor results, unpack learnings and manage logistics like payments.

Working directly with influencers requires management of all of these elements personally, which is time consuming, resource intensive and requires knowledge of Influencer Marketing. Webfluential clients therefore choose to utilise the platform rather than work directly with influencers for convenience, expert guidance, resource support and professional campaign management.

“The Webfluential platform is results driven and drives clear accountability and responsibility from both brands and influencers. The insights and actions generated by the tracking and reporting functionality of this tool simply cannot be understated. I would recommend it to every brand and marketer”

Roscoe Bowman, Head of Group Sponsorship, Absa

Want to find out more? Read this blog post on the steps to build a successful Influencer Marketing campaign and how Webfluential has the smartest technology to support your brand.
In today's social media landscape, paid media has become the only way to ensure that your content reaches a significant part of your audience. This is not just because there is so much content out there now, but also a result of the algorithms developed by all the big players which favour paid content over organic content.

Using Facebook as an example of how organic reach has changed, studies show how much the social media platform has invested in developing algorithms with over 100, 000 different factors. These factors decide how posts are positioned, which posts will get prime real estate and which posts will disappear to the bottom of a news feed. The average organic reach for posts from Facebook pages used to be 2.6 percent of a brand’s audience. However, this percentage has now dropped to 2.3 percent for pages with more than 1 million likes.

In short - social media has become a pay-to-play environment. So what does this mean for marketers using Webfluential?

Webfluential gives you access to work with influencers and create content relevant to your brand and their audience, which they post to their blog or social channels. They have big audiences, but without paid media, approximately only 2,3 percent of that audience will see the posted content. It is therefore important to boost or promote the influencer’s content with paid media for maximum reach. Webfluential can assist with this as part of the campaign budget.

Remarketing is used to reach past website visitors or app users. It is a smart way to reach out to people who may not have made an immediate purchase or taken up the call to action on first visit. It gives marketers the opportunity to reconnect with potential customers by positioning targeted ads in front them when they are browsing elsewhere on the web.

Put simply, use marketing to bring a visitor to a website, and when the consumer doesn’t make a purchase, then use remarketing tactics to bring them back to the website and convert them into a paying customer.
The campaign logistics work on a case-by-case basis. Duration, number of influencers and frequency of posts are all dependant on the campaign objectives, concept and budget. Webfluential can assist each campaign individually and provide timelines and logistics that work within client budget and that will meet objectives.
Webfluential can launch campaigns quickly, however, there are a number of factors which impact when a campaign is ready to go live. These include the deadlines provided, timeous sign off of the campaign and if all collateral required has been supplied. The Webfluential team will work directly with all the influencers and brief them on all the deadlines and content requirements. Webfluential will also follow up with influencers to ensure deadlines are met for the go live date, as well as ongoing commitments.
Webfluential is able to provision in an approval process when required, but this is to allow for fact checking, rather than rewriting a scripted post on the influencer’s behalf. The detailed and guided briefing process ensures that each influencer is well equipped to understand the message the brand wants to convey to their audience.

The influencers all have different writing styles and tones and it is important not to change this so that the influencer message remains authentic. Each influencer understands their audience best and is experienced in sharing content that will be engaging for their audience to drive results. Additionally, Webfluential acts as an approval layer between the influencer and the brand. This ensures the influencer’s editorial freedom is not compromised and that content is still authentic.

*Please note that approvals usually require an additional 48 hours before a campaign goes live.
Webfluential is a platform that was created to ensure that both the marketer and the influencer benefit equally from the transaction. Influencers on the platform can only be paid with money. If the campaign requires that the influencer needs to interact with your product, the product can be sent to the influencer, but the brand is still required to pay them the initial amount agreed on.

Want to find out more about how influencers feel about rewarding their services? You can read more about payment from an influencer’s viewpoint in this blog post
Webfluential is open to influencers from all over the world to apply, however, there is a basic minimum criteria of 1000+ followers on their social media platforms to qualify. Exceptions are made when influencers with a smaller following are required for a particular campaign. However, this is managed on a case-by-case basis.
Whilst reach might appear to offer the greatest opportunity for creating awareness, it is not the only important element when considering influencers for a campaign.

There is more to influence than simply looking at how many people will be exposed to content. Whilst it is a solid starting point, the relevance of the content for an audience needs to be considered as well. Sharing irrelevant content with a big audience, does not create awareness, but rather frustrates the followers and results in that content getting lost or unanswered due to the sheer number of requests by the followers sent to the influencer.

This means it is important to ensure that the content is genuinely aligned with the type of information an influencer’s audience is seeking - no matter what the reach is.
Webfluential reports give an in-depth analysis of the executed campaign and the results achieved. This is important to measure the success of a campaign and extract learnings and insight. Our reports also give you the ability to aggregate the leads from the campaign to further convert or reach in the future.
Many influencers select to have it known to their audience that content has been paid for for transparency. This might differ from influencer to influencer, however, in certain countries it is the law. It is the influencers’ right to disclose that content is paid for, should they chose to do so.
Influencers scores are calculated based on the algorithms Webfluential applies to data we pull directly from their social profiles. Webfluential has access to the API's across all social channels and use them to determine how influential someone is. Reach is not a good indication of influence in isolation. Impact is critical and why Webfluential measures relevance and resonance as well.

Reach : Size of the audience on a particular channel.

Relevance: How often your audience like and engage with your content.

Resonance: How often the new audience share and engage with your content, when your content is shared with an influencer’s audience through retweets and shares.

League: League is a score that ranges from 1 – 5. Influencers with higher reach when compared to other Webfluential influencers, are generally league 1-3 and influencers with lower reach potential, are generally league 4 or 5.

Want to learn more about leagues?

Read this blog post to find out more. http://blog.webfluential.com/2015/08/18/a-closer-look-at-webfluentials-league-score/
OTS (Opportunities to See) is used to to quantify how many times a piece of content is likely to be shown to an audience over the duration of the campaign.
Webfluential offers a self-serve and agency product. When making use of a Webfluential campaign manager, a 20% campaign management fee above the cost the other campaign elements such as influencer fees and paid media is applicable. However, you set your budget and Webfluential works accordingly. Campaigns range from $1,000 to $100,000.
At the end of each campaign, both influencer and marketer rate each other. For influencers, a higher rating means showing up in more searches. For marketers, it adds to their credibility when they are offering campaign work to influencers. As a platform, Webfluential can’t monitor or intervene in all communications.
Influencers and marketers are given the space to freely communicate with each other to discuss campaign material and posting of content. We suggest following the basic etiquette of a contractor/service provider relationship, the usual courtesy of a chatroom, and the respect of a working relationship.

Webfluential wordpress plugin

The plugin helps influencers to easily communicate with brands and marketers and book social and native posts for a campaign.

To link the plugin, influencers simply need to create a profile on Webfluential.com. This will put their audience and booking availability into a widget form.

With the booking form, secure payments can be made through PayPal and influencers are given the tools to discuss the campaign material through a live chat with the marketer.
Once you have created a Webfluential profile by connecting your blog and social profiles, your Media Kit is made. You may then change it to suit you it on your Webfluential dashboard.

To change your Media Kit simply click on ‘My Profiles’ on the left-hand side of the page. From here click on ‘Update your Media Kit’. To read more about how to set up your Media Kit and the benefits of a Media Kit, see these two articles:



When booked on Webfluential, influencers are able to receive detailed briefs directly from the marketer.

Webfluential simply acts as a third party, assuring the marketer that the influencer delivers on the brief before releasing payment.

For the influencer Webfluential offers the benefit of added credibility, as well as transparency when it comes to audience and pricing.
1) Go to Settings > Webfluential

2) Add your Webfluential profile link - https://webfluential.com/(your unique ID or updated profile name)

3) Add a short description telling potential marketers what the form is for or use the example message provided

4) Select the theme option that works best with your blog design

5) Click save

1) Go to Pages > Add new

2) Give the page a title (Something like "book me”)

3) Paste the shortcode - [webfluential_booking_form] - into the body of the page

4) Publish the page
1) Go to Appearance > Widgets

2) Add the Webfluential Profile widget to your sidebar (Note that the widget is designed for the sidebar only. Using it anywhere else may result in the style breaking)

3) Add your Webfluential Media Kit link in - https://webfluential.com/(your unique ID or updated profile name)

4) Add the full URL for where the booking form will be housed (such as http://myblog.com/book-me)

5) Select which sections of your profile you would like to display

6) Select the theme option that works best with your blog design

7) Click save
“My Jobs” refers to jobs you have got through Webfluential or Brands on the Webfluential platform.

“Bookings” refers to jobs you have got through your Media kit and the Booked By Webfluential plugin (so this means the jobs you got by yourself).

Pitched by Webfluential

With Pitched by Webfluential you can pitch your creative campaign ideas to brands you want to work with.
Marketers/brands will upload a brief to the platform, explaining what their campaign objective is and what they wish to achieve by working with influencers.

Once they have posted their brief, influencers will receive a notification that there is a new job to pitch for.

If you are interested in working with the brand you will be able to pitch your creative campaign idea directly to the brand and if the brand likes your idea, you get the job!
To see if any brands have pitched a job that meets your channel focus, simply click on the ‘Direct jobs’ tab on the left-hand side of the page. Then click on ‘Job board’ and here you will be able to see new jobs and all jobs.
If you have pitched the idea, it belongs to you and marketers may not use it without compensating you for the idea.

Sponsored content : (Last updated August 2016)

Webfluential released an ebook about the rules for sponsored content. You could be held responsible should you not follow these rules, which could lead to problems for you and the brand you're working with.

If there was an exchange of money, you need to disclose this by marking your posts clearly on the following platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on Blog.
Label all sponsored content clearly. You can use a variety of these hashtags:

#Sponsored #Ad #Affiliate

Please note that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has clearly stated that if the hashtag is not clearly identifiable as sponsored it doesn’t count!

When linking to the brand’s website in your biography, it has to be clear what it is and who it is. A link shortener is misleading so make sure you use the entire web address or say clearly: ‘Link about X Brand’

Include the brand’s @handle so people know who sponsored the content.

To download the complete ebook, login and download it directly from your influencer dashboard.
Your audience must be clearly informed of the fact that what you are doing forms part of a sponsorship. Make this clear in the text and at the start of the video.

If your video has been sponsored, you need to disclose this at the start of the video by saying things like:

“This is a sponsored video on behalf of [BRAND]” “I received a complimentary [PRODUCT] to test out for a few weeks”

Note: You’re not allowed to overlay a sponsored logo or product branding on your video unless the brand has a Google advertising presence.

To download the complete ebook, login and download it directly from your influencer dashboard.
The rules include:

Name the source at the top of the page.

Don’t put sponsorship details where people have to hunt for them, such as in images or at the bottom of the copy. If they have to scroll down to see it, it’s wrong.

Use hashtags such as #sponsored, #ad, #advertising.

Use simple language which anyone can understand. Write something like ‘Sponsored Content’ directly under the first image or heading.

To download the complete ebook, login and download it directly from your influencer dashboard.
Disclose your relationship with your sponsor by using the correct hashtags and sponsor mentions. The correct examples include:

#sponsored #advert #ad #promotion #promo #affiliate

Any Facebook post or update has to use the hashtag and clearly let people know that it is sponsored.

If you are linking to Facebook from a blog, ensure the brand name and the #sponsorship tags are visible across all platforms.

login and download it directly from your influencer dashboard.
Disclose your relationship with your sponsor by using the correct hashtags and sponsor mentions. Correct examples include:

#sponsored #advert #ad #promotion #promo #affiliate

Please note the following hashtags will not count as making it clear your Twitter post is sponsored:

#Spon #Sp #spons

To download the complete ebook, login and download it directly from your influencer dashboard.