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During 35 years of travel and living abroad Michel has visited over 120 countries, some 220 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and more than 100 of the World Heritage Cities.

Founder of Travel Notes and author of Nomadic Gatherings, Michel has spent most of his life writing about travel and taking pictures of the world around him (Travel Pics).
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My Highlights

Established in 1997, Travel Notes™ is more than just a travel directory. This is the original, Online Guide to Travel.

 Travel Notes™ - The Online Guide to Travel 

How It All Started

Having travelled for most of his life, Michel set up TravelNotes.org to help other travellers and virtual tourists discover more about the world we live in.

As a freelance photo-journalist, Michel had numerous travel articles and photographs published and syndicated around the world in traditional media and moved into the Internet medium; after his second visit to China and Vietnam, back in 1996.

This was the time of Geocites and Michel, known as magun, created a Network of Travellers; bringing travellers from various newsgroups together, to link their websites through a number of travel-related webrings and banner exchanges.

Those were the days. But things started to move fast.

TravelNotes.org was founded in 1997, to ambitiously cover every country in the world; and Travel-Write.com soon followed, to expand on the travel artices section at Travel Notes.

Michel has now visited some 120 countries, and published a travel book - Nomadic Gatherings.

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With no corporate budget, it's mostly Michel's love of travel, meeting new people and spending long hours at a computer screen that keeps Travel Notes going. Travel Notes Sponsors do help greatly and we try to give them the exposure they deserve.

The Travel Notes Mission

The Travel Notes Online Guide to Travel aims to help visitors plan their travels with country travel guides, local tourist information, reviewed web sites, regular travel articles and suggestions of things to do.

With every country in the world covered on Travel Notes™, Michel hopes to provide travellers with the destination information they need and makes a concerted effort to link to other travel websites; for deeper coverage of travel destinations.

Airlines, Airports, Holidays and Festivals:
Travel Notes™ also has a section on Airlines and Airports as well as a Calendar of Events and Public Holidays around the world; to help visitors better plan their travels.

African Safaris, Alpine Skiing, Language Learning:
We also have directories on African Safaris, Alpine Skiing and Language Learning.

Searching For Hotels Online

This is something that still needs to be done better and we are constantly working on providing the right results and getting the balance right.

While micro-payments from affiliate websites are nice, and do add up over time, we still believe that visitors need to know where the official website is and where to find hotel owners on Social Media. Our Country Destination pages work towards that goal.

 Travel Notes™ - Updating The Online Guide to Travel 

Having travelled to so many countries around the world, Michel knows there's always more travel information to add to Travel Notes™, to keep the travel guide at the cutting edge.

He tries hard to keep the Online Guide to Travel as up to date and on the case as it can be, but can't be everywhere at once.

While travelling around the world, visitors to Travel Notes™ can also help to keep the Online Guide to Travel current by sending in travel tips and tourist information through the Travel Notes submissions form.

Michel also listens to feedback from website visitors and tries to incorporate suggestions to improve Travel Notes™ as he continues to expand and update the Online Guide to Travel; to keep it fresh, informative and relevant to travellers.

Travel Notes™ - Writing About Travel

Submissions are welcome from Travel Writers who would like to showcase their work on Travel Notes™ and help readers learn more about the world of travel.

Travel Notes™ has long been producing original travel content in the form of regular, illustrated travel articles about favourite travel destinations and colourful festivals taking place around the world.

 Examples of Michel's Travel Photography 

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia:

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia
Getty Description: Arched Bridge Over Calm Sea And Against Sky

Li River and Limestone Peaks:

Li River and Limestone Peaks
Getty Description: Boat In Lake Against The Landscape

Suzhou Canal:

Suzhou Canal
Getty Description: Boat In Canal Against Footbridge

Mt Cook, New Zealand:

Mt Cook, New Zealand
Getty Description: Rear View of Shepard With Dogs Walking Towards Flock of Sheep

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  Travel Notes™ - Acknowledgements 

Support Travel Notes

Thank-you for taking the time to visit the website and find out more about working with Travel Notes™.

The Travel Notes Online Guide to Travel would not be what is today without its visitors and contributors, nor the destinations we cover and websites we link to.

Although based in Central Europe, Michel is available for travel assignments anywhere in the world.

If there's anything we can do to help promote your brand, don't hesitate to ask.

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