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48 Hour Itineraries for Weekend Travel. Do you love to travel but also love your job or where you live? Maybe you have the weekends free or a couple of days here and there that allow you to take off for weekend travel to get away from it all. With 52 weekends in a year not including “long” weekends there is more than enough time to travel and enjoy yourself before being back in the office for another week. Here at Rudderless Travel, you’ll get a run down of a city or town we’ve visited during weekend travel, short break or layover/stopover. We write about the place we stayed, what we ate and what we saw in 48 or 72 hours. In addition we include a custom map/guide with all the locations pinned. And, as avid lovers of technology we always incorporate the latest travel apps and gear which help us to maximize our time without feeling rushed. “In 48 hours, we take a city; see the sights, taste the food, smell the roses, hear the stories and feel the love.” Christopher Rudder – Owner, Rudderless Travel We are professional videographers and photographers so each post, product review or app review comes with a TV quality, engaging video episode and stunning pictures that help our readers get a real sense of a destination. Likewise, we love working with other professionals, business/restaurant owners and app developers in the travel and tourism industry to help increase their brand awareness. Visit our Portfolio. For us, travel doesn’t have to mean taking weeks, months or years off work. You don’t need to move across the world to say you’ve “traveled“. Travel can be a weekend away down the coast from your home or a short flight to the next state, province or country. Are you ready? Come fly with us!







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