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Kirsty Sharman
Post #1
Influencers and marketers thrive off a mutually symbiotic relationship. Webfluential offers customized categories and influencer opt-in.

Murray Legg
Post #2
Digital influencers, who maintain niche audiences interested and engaged in the content they post can monetize their audience by sharing advertorial content. Brands and agencies are increasingly using multi-channel content approaches for digital campaigns, across video, display, advertorial and social. Find out how much your influence is worth by getting an estimate on what your channels could earn you!

Mike Sharman
Post #3
Although influencer outreach has been around for decades in the form of businesses reaching out to journalists to garner PR, it is relatively new when applied to bloggers. And yet every year it seems more and more businesses are aware of the benefits. More marketing agencies are incorporating it into their strategy. More articles are popping up about it. With the current trajectory, driven primarily by the immense and unique benefits that influencer marketing offers, it’s poised to become one of the dominant forms of marketing over the next many years. Let’s explore the benefits of influencer marketing.

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