clover futurelife case study

using influencer marketing to reach
over 3.1 million people in 4 days for the launch of a new drink

this is how we did it


Clover and FutureLife needed to create brand awareness for their new SmartDrink by creating as much conversation as possible


Influencers were briefed to share photo and video footage of a UFO spotted in Cape Town,
Durban and Johannesburg using the hashtag.


10 pieces of original content were shared and engaged with by 34 influencers over 4 days.

Within the first hour of the campaign going live #UFOSA was trending.

By the third morning of the campaign, credible news publications and broadcast media
had picked on the conversation and were reporting on the alleged “spottings.”

The hashtag went on to trend every day for 4 days.

News outlets began to call in astronomers and
photography professionals to analyse the content.


Average number of Retweets for every Tweet.


Total number of tweets containing #UFOSA published.


Total number of people reached by influencers.


Total number of impressions.


1. Influencers are the best means to spark a conversation online.

2. Influencer marketing works best when utilised in conjunction
with a strong marketing and digital strategy.

3. By using influencers to engage and endorse each other’s content, brands
can gain greater reach and higher resonance.

4. The audience is far more likely to listen to an influencer over other noise online.